Stop limiting yourself. You

can have more money!

You are probably tired of hearing this but…the world has moved on from where we were years ago – and is still moving, thanks to Technology and the internet. Before you roll your eyes on me and go ‘that’s no news’, think about the fact that few years back, you could not work from home (or become a stay-at-home…) while earning good cash. You also could not earn money if you were neither a business owner nor a 9 to 5 worker.

Years later, that narrative is somewhere in an abandoned museum or the trash can of history. All I am saying is you do not have to be broke because you are at home and you can make good money without having to answer directly to anyone in particular (oh, except yourself, of course). I am here to show you how.

And Who’s this Guy Anyway?

My name is Eric- thanks for asking- and my sole passion is to help people learn how to make money online. Over the years, I have worked on various online platforms and earned a whole lot of extra cash. Of course I didn’t start as an expert. I had a few falls here and there, but having gathered some experience and made some money (we are talking about an average of 5, 000 to 20, 000 dollars in a month), I think I could say a thing or two to you about how to make more money online, successfully.

 First things First

In whatever money-making venture you embark on, you need people.

You need people to first, know you and listen to you, before you can get access to their services (as partners) or their money (as customers).  In other words, you need to build a target audience. This process would require some real work, because you would need to be as tactfully engaging as possible to get the attention and interest of people at least initially. You can however be rest assured that you will get your work’s worth once you have viable audience base. Start by building a strong online presence through your various social media platforms and other platforms such as Pinterest, Youtube and Facebook and grow it from there.

How to make money Online?

It’s a lengthy list, but the most relatable ways would be blogs and vlogs, freelance writing, affiliate marketing, dropshipping and e-commerce. You could also build and sell softwares and applications, start online coaching and counselling sessions, run online courses and sell e-books and other academic materials. You would need a truck-load of traffic for this but ads are also a great idea. Sites like Adsense, Admob and Adthrive are great for advertising. So which one do you think is best, Eric? Well, affiliate marketing is my best recommendation anytime and I will tell you why.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In simple English, affiliate marketing is earning money publicizing other people’s products. The trick is to get them to either buy from you, join you to sell and promote the products, get others to join them in selling or get them to do all of the above.

Affiliate marketing is preferred by a lot of people because it offers an opportunity to earn passive income, even when you have not been creating lots of content; your affiliates mostly do a large part of your homework for you. This is why I would recommend affiliate marketing anytime.

What I will be Offering You

I have prepared an outline and video where I showed how to maximize affiliate marketing to earn money online. I have included tips on how to use clickbank, Jvzoo, Digiresults and Warriorplus.

Clickbank, Jvzoo and Digiresults are platforms where people can find and build affiliate networks around the globe. Warriorplus on the other hand is an e-commerce website, but also has an affiliate program that allows people to earn money while recommending products promoted on the site.

Many times, people are stuck trying to determine which affiliate program is the best. I have you covered on that too; I have shown how to identify the best and most profitable affiliate programs.

I have also provided in my course, a set of guides that will show you how to get approved as an affiliate.

I have also taught how to create a squeeze page (a landing page that collects the email addresses of potential subscribers and customers), how to build an affiliate list, get and send traffic, get commissions and how to make extra money from home by increasing your commissions every month.

Ideas to Make Money


You can create and share podcasts on topics you’re knowledgeable about and for every time people click your link, you earn extra money.


In dropshipping, you are a retailer who has no products in stock. All you have is orders from customers, which translate to money when you transfer them to the manufacturer. This is another way you can make money from home.


You can earn money by either selling your goods online or providing e-commerce platforms where buyers and sellers can meet to interact.

Offering services

From freelancing to coaching, whatever it is you do, and are willing to monetize can be an extra source of income online if you apply all the right principles.

Freelance writing

Product reviews, blog contents, intellectual writings etc can also be sources of income if you are a good writer. All these are answers to your “How to make easy money” question.

Why you should get my Free

ebook and Video course?

Call the police on me if my tips do not work for you! Just kidding though. The free ebook and video courses are meticulously designed to answer at least 99% of your questions on how to make money fast and through affiliate marketing and other channels. The aim is not just that you make a few extra bucks but that you become so good you could be offering some good advice on the subject in no time.